What Can Affect Your Auto Insurance Premium Rate?

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The premium of your auto insurance near you depends on a few factors that result entirely from your decisions.

Like all insurance policies and premiums, auto insurance near you is determined using statistics that measure the probability of you getting into an accident and filing a claim. This is all in effort to determine if you are a high-risk driver to insure, or a low-risk driver. In order to determine your risk factor, an auto insurance company looks at your current car, your residence, and your driving record in order to get an accurate look at your driving pattern. But how can these variables give auto insurance an insight into your risk factor?

Car Make & Model

Why does your car make and model have a say in your premium? Because some cars have safety features which are absent in others. The safer the car, the less likely you are to get injured and file an injury claim.

Additionally, some cars have parts that may be expensive to replace, and so your premium reflects that risk.

Residence Zip Code

Every zip code has a crime rate. That difference depends on which two are being compared, of course. That means that even if you move down the street, it could impact your auto insurance premium.

Driving Record

People say that history tends to repeat itself. If this aphorism holds any truth, then auto insurance companies would be smart to look at our own driving history to determine our risk. If you are a driver that has been pulled over and committed many traffic violations, your auto insurance company will not price kindly, as you are a high-risk driver in their eyes. Inversely, a driver with a squeaky clean driving record gets the benefit of the doubt and receives a low premium because they are low-risk.

Whether you are a high- or low-risk driver to insure, you need auto insurance near you. To find the best policies at the best rates, contact Castroll Insurance.