Auto Insurance near you and Tips to Help You Save Gas

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Gas Saving Tips

Gas prices are something which many of us keep a close eye on, but there are ways you can save on gas. Gas is a finite resource and difficult to make, which means prices are bound to increase based on availability and extraction-rate (along with other complicated factors). With gas prices currently on the rise, many of us are left to do whatever it takes to save money on gas when it comes to filling up our tanks. If you want to save money on auto insurance near you, here are a few tips on how to help you save gas at the pump.

1. Don’t Speed – Anything faster than 65 miles per hour, and you are using more fuel to combat air resistance rather than pushing your car forwards, and wasting precious fuel.
2. Maintain the Engine – Your engine uses less fuel when it can easily convert that fuel into energy. Change the oil every 3,000 miles, and do a proper maintenance check at least once a year to keep your engine running smoothly.
3. Keep Tires Inflated – Under-inflated tires will use excess gas, so it is recommended that you check your tire pressure once every month, Specially in the cold months when air pressure decreases due to temperature.
4. Fuel Efficient Car – It does not take an economist to see that the days of gasoline-powered cars are numbered. Zero-emission cars not only save you potentially hundreds on gas every month, they also don’t pollute the air we breathe. It may be an expensive investment, but the money you save every month on gas may well be worth it!

Gas is an expensive commodity so it is important to know how you can save on gas. Make sure you are protected by purchasing quality auto insurance near you, CA. Contact Castroll Insurance for all of your insurance needs.