Foster Creativity at Your Office

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Learn how to stir up creativity with these great tips during Creativity Month

The demand for creativity in the workplace is on the rise in this new age of rapid technological advancement. This is evident when we see colossal corporations like Google setting up the 20 Percent Program or Policy where Google’s developers get to spend 20 percent of their workday on side projects that have nothing to do with Google! Many smaller companies want to spur this creativity in their coworkers with a budget. If you want the gears of creativity in the heads of your employees to start turning, here are a few ways to foster creativity during Creativity Month.

1. Reward Creativity

The best way to spur creativity in your office is to reward it when it is done. All suggestions must be taken seriously so that employees willingly come up with more creative ways to improve the workplace. Otherwise, it may make it seem like a waste of time when every idea gets shut down.

Rewards can be monetary or vocational (more time off, work from home, etc.) and given to the ideas that best improve the process of the workplace.

2. Anonymity & Confidentiality

There may be some employees that have already had ideas to improve the ways of the office, but have no median through which to voice their ideas. Some employees may love to hear themselves speak and offer ideas left and right, others may be too shy to do so in this ma –and that’s a lot of potentially great ideas that are lost. Offer a suggestion box that offers anonymity.

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