Save on Your Home Insurance with These Fire Safety Tips

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Home Fire Safety Tips

The winter temperatures may force you to turn on your heater or light your fireplace, but take these tips into consideration before you do.

Even though the days are getting a little bit longer, the winter temperatures are still among us, overstaying their welcome. To disallow our homes to become the same temperatures as the chilly outside, many of us turn on our heater or light the fireplace in order to heat our space to comfortable levels. But raising the temperature of an entire room requires a lot of energy, and that same thing that provides you with comfort could also bring danger. Before you heat your home, take into consideration these home fire safety tips.

Heating Home Safety Tips

  • Make sure your kids and pets get no closer than three feet to the heat source, be it a space heater or fireplace.
  • Keep anything that is flammable at the same distance of three feet from any heating equipment like the furnace, wood stove, or mobile heater.
  • Have a professional run maintenance on your heater before you turn it on for the long-run. They should also look at water heaters and the central heating equipment.
  • Before you light the fire and warm your house the traditional way, be sure the chimney is clear of debris in order to allow the smoke to rise and escape.
  • Remember to turn off mobile heaters at night when you go to bed or when you leave the room.
  • Ensure that the fireplace has a sturdy screen to stop sparks and charcoal from flying into the room and potentially landing on something flammable.

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