A new roof could help with your policy for home insurance near you, CA

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Your roof can only take so much, is it time to replace your roof? A solid roof is something that you need if you want a warm, cozy, and leak-free home. Your roof may have served you well throughout thick and thin, but there’s only so much one roof can take before you have to force it into retirement. Your roof may look fine from ground level, but the reality may be entirely different. Here’s how to read the signs telling you you need a new roof.
1. The shingles are curling. Shingles curl in two ways: clawing, and cupping. Clawing shingles curl at the edges like they’re experiencing rigor mortis. Cupping shingles form concave figures with the edges still sticking but the middle cupping out.
2. Its 25th birthday is approaching. There’s only so much rain, hail, winds, and debris from which your roof can protect you. The average roof lasts about 25 years, so if you know that milestone is approaching, it’s time to start looking into new roofs. Another way to tell if you need a new roof is if all of your neighbors are starting to change their roof since all of your homes were built at around the same time.
3. You have entire shingles missing. From a structural standpoint, there should be no issue with just replacing the ones that are missing. The issue arises in finding shingles of the same color and texture. Once roofs start looking like chess boards, many opt to replace the entire roof. A new roof is something every home needs to avoid things like leaks and other structural issues.
While a homeowners policy doesn’t cover things like the scheduled roof replacements, it will cover the cost of replacing your roof if a covered disaster damages it.
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Be sure that you call your insurance company to report the incident. This way, they can tell you exactly what they’ll need from you to fully process your claim. Whether the accident was your fault or not, this will cover expenses you otherwise would have to make out of your own pocket. It’s important to have the proper auto insurance to cover you for the the things you need. Contact Castroll Insurance for all of your needs for auto insurance near you, CA.